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Welcome to

4 Gen Therapy Services LLC

Grow. Live. Thrive. 

Offering specialized speech therapy services for patients of ALL ages. 


Offering specialized speech therapy services for: 

-infant with difficulty latching to bottle/breast

-infants who have difficulty gaining weight

-infants who may have suspected oral ties

-mothers who have a difficulty with over supply/reduced supply



Offering specialized speech therapy services for: 

-toddlers who use few or no words

-toddlers who have difficulty eating/drinking

-toddlers who have feeding tubes who are cleared to eat foods by mouth


Offering specialized speech therapy services for: 

-children who have difficulty communicating

-children who are difficult to understand

-children who are non-verbal

-children who may stutter

-children who have difficulty eating or drinking



Offering specialized speech therapy service for:

-Adults who have difficulty communicating following stroke, accident, etc.

-Adults who have difficulty remembering and participating in everyday tasks

-Adults who have difficulty swallowing 

-Adults who may have a voice impairment

**All services can be offered in person or via Teletherapy.** 

Our Approach

Here at 4 Gen Therapy Services, we take a family centered approach to therapy. We treat our patients and work with families to help their loved ones be successful outside of the therapy room. 


We started seeing Ms. Audrey when we realized our 4 year old was having a hard time following instructions and communicating in sentences prior to starting school. We saw a drastic difference in a few sessions. It's been 9 months and my son has stopped echoing, started using more and more sentences, can follow instructions and is engaging with kids now! Ms. Audrey literally changed our lives. She helped us as a family by really getting to know each of us, our family dynamic, asking about school and other situations so she could better help all of us. Ms. Audrey always empowered us with tools and provided a safe and vulnerable space for us to share concerns and coached us through hard moments. We're forever grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for services she offers. 


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